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  • e-Data
  • e-DATA offers you an automated, streamless and stress free data services that allows you to purchase data bundle, airtime, cable tv and electricity bill payment at the comfort of your home and work place.

  • Q-GEN
  • Question generator (Q-GEN) is a software that allows you to generate standardize questions that can be use for assessment and evaluation of students performance.

  • Standard Living
  • Standard living is an investment package that allows you to invest and earn return on investmnet on monthly basis

  • e-Deposite
  • e-Deposite is a digital currency that can be used to facilitate online payment for goods and services, cross border payment and also store of assests.



    Hours Of Support



    Here is a list of our services.

    Financial Planning

    We provide expert financial advisory services, including project planning, fostering a saving culture, securing loans, budgeting, and fundraising. Our strategic approach ensures your financial goals are met efficiently and effectively.

    Real Estate

    Our real estate expertise is unmatched. We specialize in rentals, renovations, property trading, facility management, and leasing. Trust us to handle all your real estate needs with professionalism and efficiency.

    Business Consultation

    We offer comprehensive consulting for startups and established businesses. Our services include developing robust marketing plans, optimizing operations, and providing actionable insights to drive growth and success.


    Our ICT services encompass software development, web design, IT product procurement, and ICT lab networking. We cater to individuals, private companies, and government establishments, delivering innovative and reliable technology solutions.

    Retirement plan

    Our retirement planning services help you secure a comfortable future. We design personalized strategies to ensure financial stability and peace of mind for your retirement years.

    Capital Investment

    Invest with confidence through our capital investment services. Enjoy attractive returns with flexible payment options: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual. We offer up to a 5% ROI, tailored to meet your investment goals.

    Investment Packages

    Here is a list of our investment packages

    Real Estate

    Real Estate stands as a cornerstone of wealth creation globally. Its tangibility, long-term appreciation, passive income potential, and ability to hedge against inflation make it an unparalleled investment. With growing populations and urbanization, demand for property continues to soar, cementing its status as a lucrative and resilient business venture.

    • Tangible Asset: Real estate offers physical ownership, providing stability and security.
    • Passive Income: Rental properties generate consistent cash flow without active involvement.
    • Appreciation: Property values tend to increase over time, offering potential long-term gains..
    • Diversification: Real estate investment diversifies portfolios, reducing overall risk..



    The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector is one of the most dynamic and profitable industries globally. With rapid technological advancements and the increasing digitization of businesses, the demand for ICT services is soaring. Investing in ICT not only promises high returns but also offers diverse opportunities for innovation and growth. From software development to IT consultancy, the potential for profitability is immense. As businesses and individuals continue to rely heavily on technology, the ICT sector remains a robust and lucrative field.

    • Software Development.
    • Cybersecurity Services.
    • Cloud Computing Services.
    • IT Consultancy. .
    • Network and Infrastructure Management.
    • E-commerce Platforms.
    • Mobile App Development.
    • Data Analytics and Big Data Services.
    • Investing in the ICT sector is not just about capitalizing on current technological trends but also about being at the forefront of the future digital landscape. Whether you are looking to start a new venture or expand an existing one, the ICT industry offers unparalleled opportunities for profitability and growth.



    Here is a list of our personal projects.

    • All
    • e-Data App
    • Q-GEN
    • e-Deposite
    • Cominic8

    e-Data App 1

    An Utility Platform.

    Q-GEN 1

    A question generating software.

    e-Deposite 1

    Decentralizing the African economy.

    Cominic8 (1)

    A messaging tool app.

    e-Data App 2

    An utility platform

    Q-GEN 2

    A question generating software.

    e-Deposite 2

    Decentralizing the African economy.

    Cominic8 (2)

    A messaging tool app.

    e-Data App 3

    An utility platform.

    e-Data App 4

    An utility platform.

    Q-GEN 3

    A question generating software.

    Q-GEN 4

    A question generating software.

    e-Deposite 3

    Decentralizing the African economy.

    e-Deposite 4

    Decentralizing the African economy.

    e-Deposite 5

    Decentralizing the African economy.

    Cominic8 (3)

    A messaging tool app.

    Cominic8 (4)

    A messaging tool app.

    Cominic8 (5)

    A messaging tool app.


    We offer a flexible and affordable fee on our e-data automation services.

    Free Plan

    $0 / month

    • Use Default App
    • Use Default Website
    • Free autmation
    • Custom Website
    • Custom App

    Developer Plan

    $1000 / one-off

    • Custom Website
    • Custom App
    • Admin dashboard
    • Reseller dashboard
    • Automation
    • Automated wallet funding

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here is a list of our frequently asked questions.

    1. When was Cizar consult founded?

    Cizar consult was founded in the year 2018.

    2. Where is the Head office located?

    The company head office is located at Plot 1 Opposite Energy fillingg station, Basin, Ilorin, Kwara state.

    3. What service does the company offers?

    The company offers a host of services ranging from ICT, software development, real estate, business management and consultation services etc

    4. Is the company duly approved by CAC?

    Cizar consult is a duly registered company by the corporate affairs commission with registration number RC1487505.

    5. Is Cizar consult an Investment company?

    Cizar consult offers capital investment for startup and exsiting business owners with professional advisory service on how to scale-up there businesses.


    Meet our team of hardworking and dedicated staffs.

    Komolafe Israel

    Managing Director

    Mohammed Ibrahim

    Head of Operations

    Hammed Obasekore

    Chief Technical Officer

    Hon Jibril Oba


    Barrister Isa Oladimeji Umar

    Legal Counsel (IOU Chamber)

    Iko Ruth



    Here is a list of our products and services.


    Hear is what people are saying about cizar consult, our product and services.

    Aworinde Shukurat Odunola

    e-Data users

    “eData is the best... Buying data and paying bills couldn't have been more better... I recommend it to each and everyone that is in need of fast data delivery and payment of bills. The app is highly effective and efficient. ”

    Shittu Mubaraq Abidemi

    CEO AL-Mubaraq Communication Ventures

    My business experience with eData has been wonderful,they helped in develping my data vending website (MB TECH) with data automation services.

    Raji Ibrahim

    e-Data Reseller

    So far this app has been amazing. As an undergraduate, have been able to make passive income through the data reseller package to cater for my basic needs and upkeep in school.

    Abdullahi Abdulwahab


    Am fortunate enough to have been in a longterm business relation with eData, and I would say my business experience so far has been remarkable and welcoming.

    Mohammed Kamaldeen

    CEO Camardean Global Services (Standard living investor)

    With standard living, i now earn steady monthly return on my investment capital.

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